“It was a real pleasure to visit ToyFair and meet so many inspiring companies and individuals. I have decided to delay my pitch slightly as I would like to take the time needed to perfect it. Please join my mailing list to keep informed of plans in the very near future. I look forward to creating amazing content with you.”

“Young viewers are consuming literally millions of hours of video content related to toys and I don't need to highlight the facts to your industry. Content creation is a valuable service that I am eager to collaborate with you on.”

I am ready to use my skills, talents and resources to collaborate directly with Toy Manufacturers, Distributors, Brands and Celebrities to create content. A few specific motivations have brought me to ToyFair.

I simply want to dive right in. I am passionate and excited to create Toy-centric content, it allows me to enjoy time with my young boys and for them to be a key part of this too.

“Hi, I am a father of two Thiago and Xaviero (aka Tiggy & Xavi).”

I am creatively agile, with the ability to deliver creative work in design, print, online, digital, photography, film and print production.